Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coming Soon

I started blogging back in May of 2004.  My first online venture was Pax Romano's Ramblings, a humble site that ended up becoming my passion.  In the first few years of that blog, I rarely missed a day to post something, anything, that was crossing my mind.  Initially, I used my blog as a way to let off steam concerning the state of political affairs during the Bush II era.  I was angry...but I soon discovered that political rants are best left to those who enjoy getting into pissing matches with others.  Oh sure, I continued with the occasional piece about politics, but more and more, I found myself posting observational stuff, sometimes poignant , sometimes off the cuff, but always something that was based on events in my life.   Over time I started adding movie reviews and music reviews.  I realized I was no Andrew Sarris or  Robert Christgau,   but what the heck, no one was paying me for my opinions.  
 As if I wasn't busy enough with my first blog, a handful of others were born, some dreadful, others not so bad (if I say so myself).  The blog that got me a tad of notoriety was my horror blog, Billy Loves Stu, which I hoped would be a unique thing as it was supposed to be a gay man's view on suspense/sci-fi and horror films.  And indeed, it was great fun, for a bit.  But then something happened... actually two things:

Thing Number One:  Facebook
Thing Number Two: The Great Horror Blog Explosion of 2006/2007.

Between Mark Zuckerburg's baby, and the glut of horror blogs, I eventually found myself loosing interest in what I was doing (Not only on BLS, but also on my main blog).  Eventually, like homeowners who can't afford the mortgages on their houses, I walked away .

But lately, I have been feeling the urge to dive back in with my opinions, thoughts and rants, and not just with a blurb ... so,  well, it looks like it's blogging time again, kids. Will anyone read what I write, will anyone care?  That remains to be seen.

And the thing is,  I'd love to invite any of you to contribute to this blog.  You want to review a movie? Have at it!  Did you see something on TV that was so damn dreadful you want to rant about it?  Here's your chance!  Got a political bug biting your arse?  Scratch it off here!

And remember, the name of the blog is No Credentials...that means  YOU can speak out on anything even if you have never discussed the topic before in your life, consider it a learning experience.

So, stay tuned. I have a review coming for the film, Purgatorium , as well as a couple of book reviews, and some music recommendations. 

those were there days!


  1. Excellent, Pax! I'm looking forward to reading the new blog!

  2. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.

  3. Can't wait!! I would also love to contribute if you're ever looking for that sort of thing!

  4. I will most certainly be reading and hopefully contributing. I never thought I'd care about a friend I've never met as I do about you, Pax. You're one of the good guys, in so many ways! Welcome back.