Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Are All Born Lucky - the only cd you'll need this summer!

Singer songwriter, Jay Spears has long been a favorite of mine.  Unfortunately, to the general populace, he is not exactly a household name, and that's a shame, because Spears is a witty fellow whose music is infectious, outrageous, and (quite often) heartfelt.

Having recently survived a major health situation,  Spears has bounced back full of optimism and sass, and delivered his latest creation for our listening pleasure, We Are All Born Lucky ; a sunny, LA-centric collection of songs that tackle topics ranging from earthquakes to politics.   But don't let that put you off, Spears is such a genius, that he can take even the darkest, or most controversial subject and make it musically palatable.

Backed by a terrific group of musicians and background vocalists, We Are All Born Lucky is sometimes like a musical poke at the funny bone that mocks religion ( Guy In the Sky) vegans (Meat) and even driving the infamous highways and freeways  of LA (Drive Time) .  But just when you think you might have Spears musical modus operandi nailed down, he presents a loving  homage to his home town (City of Angels) . 

By the time we make it to the title song of the CD, (We Are All Born Lucky)...well, if you're not smiling, singing along, tapping your feet and agreeing with the lyrics, you might be dead. This is  the point where Spears acknowledges his recent cancer battle and turns that horror upside down and inside out, and then reminds the listener that, no matter what his or her current circumstances, he or she is damn lucky just to be alive. 

One of my favorite songs on this CD is Sleep With Me a Beatlesque charmer about crawling into the sack with a lover and sailing off for the land of nod...just gorgeous, this one, with it's allusions to nautical mythology - a perfect lullaby for a troubled world.

And then,  when you think that things are over, stay tuned as a  wonderful surprise is waiting - a mystery track awaits; A rerecording of Spears' gorgeous
Bougainvillea Waltz (originally found on the  Playing On My Team album) , but  this time, vocalist Jeff McCarthy gives the song a rather Robert Goulet feel with his somewhat  Hoher Bass voice.

In a nutshell, We Are All Born Lucky is probably the only album you'll need this summer, no matter if you are cruising the 101 in Hollywood California, or Route 295 in Mount Holly, New Jersey - this one will get you where you are going during the summer of 2013.

Jay Spears

To get your copy of We Are All Born Lucky, or Jay's previous works (and you MUST see his videos) just CLICK HERE.

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